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From Imposter to Empowered


Change Your Mindset

Change Your Life

It's time to get out of your own way and become a magnet for success 🧲

The EAGLE Program

Only available 1:1 or 1:group (in-house)

Building confidence, self-awareness, emotional self-control and resilience so you have more fun, feel more fulfilled and in control, make better faster decisions, worry less and supercharge professional and personal success!!

Who Are We

Imposter Syndrome is one of the best kept secrets in the boardroom.

Most of us experience Imposter Syndrome at some stage in our careers.

The more responsibility we have the worse it can get…

We work with these seemingly happy fulfilled colleagues confidently whizzing up the career ladder or setting up new businesses, having a great life outside of work, changing their careers and becoming a huge success without the stress…..
And we think…. 

Where did it go so wrong....why can't I be like that?

This loss of confidence can hit us anytime for many reasons like....

🥹 Losing your job

🥹 Going back to work after time out

🥹 Life-changing personal circumstances

🥹 Moving jobs, changing careers or simply changing roles..

🥹 Stepping into senior-level positions and worrying you’ll fail

🥹 Making a significant mistake or the wrong choice (personally or professionally)

🥹 Setting up a new business and wondering why everyone else is doing so well

🥹 Relocating

🥹 Heading towards retirement and wondering what’s next…

This is what I refer to as acute onset Imposter Syndrome. 

You may never have felt this way before and feel unnerved by it……
You used to feel confident in your value and what you had to offer the world and wonder why you can’t just get a grip….
You may be triggered by old patterns of ‘unhelpful’ behaviour that have been dormant for years, from when you were put down, belittled, bullied, or made to feel stupid, small or of less value.
Or maybe you feel like an Imposter and anxious all the time…..irrespective of what’s going on in your life 🙈

All you want to do is get out of your own way…..

You’re fed up with feeling insecure and not believing you’re good enough, clever enough, valuable, capable…..
You're convinced everyone is better than you and you are nothing special.....

You want to stop wasting time worrying about losing your job, feeling stuck, your business failing, and making the wrong decisions…..
You may….

❌  Feel like a fraud and are waiting to be ‘found out’

❌  Believe that others are better than you 

❌  Procrastinate which slows you down and drives you nuts 

❌  Make a decision too fast then worry yourself sick you’ve got it wrong

❌  Have a desire for everything to be perfect - good enough will never do

❌  Fill your head with negative self-talk

❌  Fear speaking in meetings or presenting

❌ Lack of feelings of fulfilment (dreaming of what could be if only….)

❌ Experience high levels of stress and anxiety

❌ Wish you could sleep soundly

❌ Have health conditions 

❌ Fear change 

❌ Miss out on personal growth and opportunities

❌ Feel discomfort with senior peers or those in authority 

Imposter Syndrome impacts us personally, professionally and organisationally.

It slows us down and makes us less 'attractive' to others so we miss out and lose out on the things we want and deserve.


When it's rife in organisations who have a low trust or 'unsafe' culture, it's contributing heavily towards the costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism and attrition.
The longer we leave these feelings to fester and become our reality….the worse it gets. 
The harder it is to break them and feel the level of confidence and self-belief we would like to have so we can do, be and have the life we really want and sooooo deserve. 
It’s tiring and frustrating spending our life feeling like a fraud and worrying we are not good enough….
We miss out on doing the things we really want to go for in life just because we lack the inner confidence to make a decision and the self-belief to go for it.
The years spent feeling unfulfilled and feeling like this is such a waste of energy and time…..

We’re missing out on the fun & fulfilment we could be having on this ride we call life….

How we feel about ourselves affects everything....
From our personal lives with our family and friends to our professional lives when it comes to teamwork, collaboration, innovation, promotions …..

If only we could show up in those places where we feel we don’t belong and shine with confidence…..

Well, I have good news for you……It doesn’t need to be this way for you any longer 👏👏👏
I promise It's not too late to turn your mind around and create a life you love..... 
If you want to find out how you can start changing your life right now, then click the JOIN NOW button below and find out how.

I've experienced Imposter Syndrome just like you...

When I left school I was told to expect little in life as I had no hope of amounting to much....

I believed this to be true!


It didn’t stop me but it definitely slowed me down, led to some bad choices and made life much harder than it needed to be.

Throughout my life up until a few years ago, I was without doubt held back by imposter syndrome. 

I may not have shown it but it was always there!

 In the early days of my career, I did very well in sales but struggled to get the leadership promotion I wanted and was surpassed by some of those I’d trained and developed.  
I then took jobs for the wrong reasons…one of which nearly broke me.
I experienced bullying, micro aggression, redundancy, and returning to work after maternity leave and ill health.
My feeling of self-worth which was already low, took a total battering….
I’d had enough…..

I wanted it to stop and find a way to feel fulfilled, happy excited and in control of the future I dreamed of….

After years of feeling like a fraud and not fitting in, I finally got out of my own way….

I realised I was my own worst enemy and was blocking my own success and happiness….

If I wanted my life to improve I had to take control of Imposter Syndrome and develop and sort myself out…..

I’d had enough of feeling anxious, worthless, stupid, inadequate, angry, frustrated, confused…

Things were going to change!
Sarah Farmer

So how did I overcome Imposter Syndrome?

I invested in my own personal and professional development.
I worked with the experts on my brain (and all its weird and wonderful connections) and found out how all of the experiences I'd had in my life had led me to some pretty unhelpful beliefs about myself.
I learned about human and performance psychology, our emotional needs and how biased we all are in our way of thinking…..

It became crystal clear that there is a strong link between these biases, where they come from and how this leads us to the results that we get…


How capable we are of blocking ourselves from the lives and opportunities we could be having.


I learnt new skills and tools to stop my old unwanted behaviour from being in charge and have the confidence, self-awareness and self-control to replace this with new helpful and positive beliefs that would change my behaviour and change my life.
I started to believe in myself and my inner confidence was starting to soar….

I even started to like myself more which I hadn't done for years!

I became able to make better faster decisions with confidence, I became more resilient and able to bounce back when things went wrong.

I knew what to focus on and why which saved me so much time and energy.

I developed greater self-control through learning about myself and gaining a deep understanding of how I was thinking, feeling and behaving.

I learned what to do to stop old unwanted patterns of behaviour and replace them with something more helpful. 
I practised a lot….

I got feedback and learned to self-coach on purpose every day….

My life changed and continues to do so in more ways I could never have believed possible.

I realised this is possible for everyone and I want this for you to…..
Shackles  2.png

Imagine if you could.....

💥Break free from the shackles of self doubt and develop an unshakable self-belief....minus the ego!
💥Stop worrying about what might go wrong and start focusing on what will go right.


💥 Quit the negative self-talk and start embracing your value.


💥 Start making better, faster decisions with confidence and self-belief.


💥Go to bed each night looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.


💥Feel calm and in control and able to show up and value in all meetings and present with confidence

...all just by taking this ONE course and applying the methods inside.

What if YOU could start seeing results in under 90 day's 👏

What would change the most if you had the self-belief, confidence and resilience that makes you feel epic, makes you magnetic and gives you control of your life?

What would stop happening?

What would this mean for you, your family, your colleagues, your business, your team?


What if this was the best time investment you ever made in your career?

(Hint: I've heard these exact words from other leaders and business owners after completing this course!)
Sarah Farmer

Introducing: The Eagle Program

As part of this program, you will receive...

💥7 x 1.5 hours facilitator led virtual sessions covering all training modules jam-packed with insights, knowledge, videos and exercises to make sure you embed the learning. You learn at your own pace in your own time.

💥 Workbooks to store all of this learning so you can keep it for life.

💥 Access to the online modules for the duration

Hear from previous clients...

The only way I can describe Sarah’s Eagle Development Programme is by saying that it is the perfect culmination of various leadership development courses, exec coaching, books and podcasts that I have consumed over the years. But, better! 

Better because it is really clear and has given me practical and tangible ways and tools to work with to really understand how what I do, think, feel and behave will make a difference. And by focusing on what you desire and using a variety of methods to increase my emotional intelligence and understand others’ will bring greater success and joy in my life!

Ultimately it is making me a better leader and helping others around me to benefit too. Sarah is unbelievably good at what she does. I would, without hesitation, recommend that you check out her work. And if you want to unleash the real leader in you, then sign up to the programme, you will not regret it!

Sales Director Worldline

I now sleep like a log. I wake up with more energy as I’m no longer ‘weighed down’ by fear of failure and self-doubt. 

'I have also managed to remove a lifelong fear which has been with me for years’.

MD Aerospace

Sarah was recommended to me by a colleague and since meeting her, she has undoubtedly made a huge impact on not only my career but my personal relationships too.


Her coaching style is nothing like I have experienced before whereby you immediately develop a friendship and rapport.

My confidence as a leader has grown tenfold since meeting Sarah and I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for an executive coach.

Head of HR

The EAGLE Development programme improved & changed my life!

Before starting I thought I was coping & getting through life. However through the programme I was able to identify that I was highly impacted by imposter syndrome, it was getting in the way of every aspect of my life and I didn't realise.


Working through the programme I increased my self-confidence by 50%, I am socially active again, been offered jobs, travelling & doing the things I want to do. I have broken free from the shackles of self-doubt as a result I also spend less time procrastinating.


I am more comfortable getting & giving feedback, so I also know it is not just me who has noticed the changes either.
I would highly recommend it!

CRM Manager - Team Lead

I am incredibly glad that I found Sarah; what she does is amazing! I've enjoyed 6 coaching sessions with her over the last few months and to say they've been transformative would be an understatement.


Sarah has a great coaching style - the knowledge she imparts is delivered clearly; she is relaxed, organised and dedicated to helping you. Her expertise and knowledge on mindset and communication are incredible and I very much valued our discussions, which I found to be insightful and encouraging.


If you are thinking about working with Sarah, I can say that it was one of the best decisions I've made. Thank you, Sarah!

Independent Fire Engineer/Consultant

Sarah is a brilliant coach, and now a good friend. I first sought Sarah's guidance in 2020. She helped me see through the mist to gain clarity.

More recently, I completed Sarah's EAGLE Leadership Development programme. There have been quite a few a-ha! moments, which have really helped me take action. I am bolder and make brave decisions with my "Abundance" mindset. I feel like it's all coming together.


I am leading the life I want to live, and leading teams by embracing my values - Joy, Creativity and Generosity - so that everyone benefits. It's joyful. Work with Sarah, you won't regret it.

Marketing Director

Sarah has been a changemaker in my world! Her approach (on the EAGLE program) to consciousness shifting and empowerment is one of awareness and holistic, she sees all sides of a situation.


She makes you see better, see more, see what you missed before! I am grateful for Sarah and her guidance, thus far in my personal and professional journey with her.

National Director

Sarah's sessions are full of useful information that can be tailored to each individual. She is personable, explains her points and doesn't confuse things with technical terminology.


She follows up after each session to ensure you have all the tools and information you need, without pressuring you to take on any additional services. From one session alone I have already grown in confidence and helped reduce feelings of imposter syndrome.


Would highly recommend it!

Recruitment Consultant

In the 7 value packed modules, you'll learn...


Module 1

An Introduction to

Imposter Syndrome

In this module, you will learn the 5 levels of Imposter Syndrome, how to identify them and their impact on our behaviour and outcomes.
You will explore what imposter syndrome is and isn’t, and why we have it.

Myths will be busted and you will also learn about change and why it’s hard.

Outcome: Improved knowledge on this topic that will expedite your learning and growth.


Module 2


Step 1 of the 5-step EAGLE system (EVALUATE) focuses on what you are doing, when you are doing it and why. You will also assess how often you think with an imposter led mindset. The purpose of this is to help you see clearly where you are right now and this will start your drive and determination towards the changes you are after.

Outcome: Developing self-awareness, confidence and accountability.


Module 3


Step 2 of the 5-step system (ANALYSE) is an opportunity to explore a little deeper and here we look at how you are affected by Imposter Syndrome, and who else is impacted by your choices of behaviour. Once the scale of the problem becomes more evident we can then really start to feel the desire and impetus to change…..this gives us our powerful WHY!

Outcome: Deeper self-awareness and increased accountability for personal circumstances and growth.


Module 4


Step 3 of the 5-step system (GENERATE). In this step we get to explore the future…..what it looks like (how you really want it to be) and what it would take to get you there. You will learn how to interrupt the patterns of thought that slow you down and block you from success and replace them with a new helpful, positive, future-focused narrative instead.

Outcome: Developing confidence, emotional self-control, improved relationship management and resilience. Continued development of self-awareness.


Module 5

Step 4: LEARN

Step 4 of the 5-step system (LEARN) is the time to start embedding the learning and using the tools and confidence you have been developing in the previous modules. You will plan, practise and assess your progress with my support.

Outcome: Increasing self-confidence, self-belief,  emotional self-control, improved relationship management and resilience. Continued development of self-awareness.


Module 6

Step 5: EVOLVE

Step 5 of the 5-step system (EVOLVE) is all about sharing, inspiring and communicating your value in a confident and emotionally intelligent way that empowers you to become a magnet for success.

Outcome: Achieve the goals you set for yourself and hurtle towards the vision of the future you’ve been dreaming of brimming with confidence, resilience, self-belief and renewed feelings of value and self-worth.

When you learn how to ditch self-doubt and have the confidence and skills to live without self-limits, you can...

✅ Lead confidently without fear of failure 

✅ Return to work with confidence in a job you love on your terms

✅ Exceed onboarding expectations

✅ Stop feeling like a fraud and worrying you’ll be ‘found out’.

✅ Speak up, be seen and heard in team meetings 

✅ Make faster, more effective and better decisions with confidence

✅ Be the leader others want to hire and work for

✅ Feel happier, healthier and more in control of your life

If you're ready to take control of your imposter syndrome...



The EAGLE Program
for 1:1
7 x 1.5 hours of 1:1 virtual coaching and development sessions
Access to all on-line materials for the duration.
You can make a one-off payment or pay in 2

£4,600 +VAT

Get in touch to check availability and suitability for this life changing program
The EAGLE Program
for Groups (In-house)
7 x 2 hours facilitator led sessions
Minium group size of 3
 Either face to face or virtual

from £7,999 + VAT

Get in touch to check availability and suitability for this life changing program

Hi, I’m Sarah Farmer and like you, I know exactly how it feels to be at the hands of those imposter mind gremlins!

On the outside, you’ll see a confident outgoing and successful person but underneath that, the inner confidence for most of my life was just not there.
I grew up feeling like a square peg in a round hole. This made me feel angry and unhappy for many years.
It affected my behaviour and led to my teachers telling me I'd go nowhere and come to nothing…..this just cemented my lack of self-belief.
I started life in the pharmaceutical industry and was very good at sales, hitting all my targets and often topped the tree when it came to results but this did not seem to be helping me to get into the more senior-level roles that I went for.

I felt sooooo frustrated and started to wonder what was wrong with me.

The more I felt like this the more my Imposter mindset took hold….

This affected everything in my personal and professional life and I was pretty unhappy underneath that larger-than-life, confident extrovert mask I wore.
I tried switching jobs and sectors but that was a disaster and made me ill….
I ended up in a high-paying, toxic, high-stress, bullying and belittling environment that nearly broke me.
I left with no job to go to but my self-esteem was firmly intact. 

This was the point when it dawned on me I had more control over my life than I had realised.

I went back to my roots but found it hard to fit in at work, I made friends but often felt on the outside looking in…..this definitely got worse when I eventually got the promotion I wanted into the sales leadership team….
I year later after I had my first child, and went back to work after maternity leave feeling very stressed about leaving my baby and soon after that got made redundant.

I was relieved to be released but also felt crushed by it at the same time….why didn’t they fight for me to stay … I was a mess!

A few years later after baby number 2 I did go back to work but went for a low-level role as I didn’t think I’d get the job I wanted as ’d been off for so long.
I worked in some unpleasant environments that led by fear and resulted in illness and extremely low levels of self-esteem.
I diced with death …I was seriously ill and scared but did some powerful soul-searching whilst bed-bound...and survived obviously 😁
I knew that I wanted to quit the rat race and run my own business but I was scared.
The opportunity arose (funny how that happens when you start thinking about what you want)....and I did it.
Every year I worried it would be my last, even though things were going really well.
When covid hit my whole training business disappeared…. I had one choice, give in and give up or pivot!
In reality, it was a perfect time to reinvent myself and focus on the things I could really make a difference with so I shifted my focus to Executive Coaching….
Yes, the negative self talk hit me hard but I got the help and support to keep going…
Business started to go really well, my new clients ended up being senior leaders who had been made redundant. They were scared and felt ‘naked’ without a job.... and with the pandemic in full swing, no job to go to.
I knew I could help and pulled everything I knew into a program to empower them to develop a strong resilient mindset that would attract others to them and skills that would help them handle the situation they were in. 
It worked - they started getting jobs, setting up their own businesses and more….
When I started writing the book ‘LEADER UNLEASHED’ the final piece of my missing confidence puzzle slotted into place.
The EAGLE program was carefully structured into a life-changing program. A program my clients and I use on a daily basis to keep ourselves in the mindset we need to be in for success to be infinitely possible.
And you could develop this empowering mindset too......ready to take the leap?

Sarah is an inspiring, passionate and talented coach.

She has brilliant people skills and an astute mind. She gets to the heart of leadership issues and provides first-class support and understanding.

Her care shines through in everything she does from her 1:1 coaching, Eagle program, live lunchtime sessions or her LinkedIn posts and updates.

If you are a leader in need of support I highly recommend Sarah and her critical thinking, strategic approach and wonderful down-to-earth manner.

She provides great insight, and support and keeps you smiling. It is an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Clare Eason (ESG & Responsible Business Expert)

It's easy to forget the impact Sarah has (and continues to have) on you before, during and forever in the future!


She makes you believe it's all you.

Lisa Rabone Sustainable Data Advisor

I am incredibly glad that I found Sarah; what she does is amazing! I've enjoyed 6 coaching sessions with her over the last few months and to say they've been transformative would be an understatement.