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Sarah Farmer | Executive Coach for ambitious Leaders and Leadership Teams

My Vision

To provide world class, life changing coaching and mentoring for ambitious Leaders, Business Owners, Consultants & Entrepreneurs who are yet to reach their pinnacle of true potential.

Develop an unshakeable, non-ego centric belief in themselves and their abilities.


Helping them to learn the essential professional skills that will allow them, and all they work with to achieve outstanding personal and business results.

My Mission

To inspire 500,000 Leaders, Business Owners, Consultants & Entrepreneurs over the next 10 years to turn the (im)possible into an explosion of opportunities.

​Empowering them to believe in themselves, drop the ego and learn the skills that will lead to more fulfillment and greater success creating a better world for us all to learn, grow and thrive in.

The impact of poor leadership is an overwhelming lack of fulfilment, reduced productivity and a desire to leave and work elsewhere. This always costs organisations money and can be avoided or, at least reduced with effective leadership development which includes mindset management (self-leadership, self-awareness) and leadership skills training.


As a result of the poor leadership I experienced during my career, my self-belief and confidence got knocked and, if I'd allowed it, could have stopped me from doing what I really knew I was capable of in the future.

Instead, I used this to spur me on to set up my own business, coaching and training professionals so they can  'be' and 'do' better in whatever industry they were in.

I took control of my future, my happiness and my ability to succeed. I stopped giving power to those who didn't deserve it and it felt    (and still feels) EPIC!

This is what I help all of my client's do - take control and make 'it' happen, with incredible results.

  "I am an expressive extrovert and pretty confident with it but what you see on the outside wasn't always congruent with what was happening on the inside!

I thought I was the only one who felt like that.....boy, how wrong was I".

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   I'm a bit of a neuroscience nerd and 'brain- science' underpins all of my work.

I have a degree in applied chemistry and from a very young age, been interested in psychology and human behaviour. My mum was a psychologist and I used to sit and listen to all of her client meetings with utter fascination. I wasn't supposed to be listening but no one ever knew I was there.

Knowing and understanding how our brains work helps me manage myself better and lead others through behavioural change and skills development programs quickly with long lasting effect.

I really do have the best job in the world and feel blessed to be able to help my clients break free from whatever is holding them back so they can really fly!

To understand more about how I can help you achieve the mindset and skills that will enable you to get what you really want and deserve, then please get in touch and book a 30 minute complimentary Coaching Discovery Action Session.