During my career I was led by some of the best and some of the worst leaders across a variety of Industries. There would be days when I couldn’t wait to get to work and days when I wondered why on earth I was bothering. On these days, everything I did felt de-valued or just not good enough. 

The worst days had an enormous impact on my self-esteem, self-belief, self-worth but also, happily my career path.

The good days, with the great leaders, were fantastic!

That’s when I decided I could do something to help myself, and many others too. I had enough knowledge and experience in business and a variety of interpersonal skills (sales, influencing, communication, leadership, coaching etc.) to know that everyone can choose to run an organisation or team in a way that makes more people feel valued and respected. I also knew, through experience and common sense, that when this happens, productivity and results increase. 

So, I took a bold leap into the unknown and set up my own business and work as an L&D Consultant. I continued to develop my own skills and knowledge over the years to allow me to offer exceptional coaching and developmental workshops, which are tailored specifically to the individual needs of my clients, resulting in positive behavioural changes that last. 


I am blessed that I can do a job that I love every day and have passion and energy for.

I work with amazingly talented people and help them achieve their full potential in ways that positively impact them and those around them.

These days are always good days, as I know that everything I do is helping to create a business world where more people feel valued and fulfilled and want to go the extra mile for their employees as a result. 

What would this mean for you, your employees or your organisation?