Interview Success Accelerator
Preliminary Exercises

The ISA Programme is a unique combination of coaching, support, and skills training proven to help leaders like you, secure their next role faster, even in unprecedented times.


There are way too many highly qualified, great professionals on the market right now. Just raving about your job-specific skillset is not going to make you stand out in a crowd.


The only real differentiator is YOU!


I aim to help you:


Identify what’s really ‘blocking’ you from securing your ideal role sooner.


Create a ‘laser focussed’ vision of the future that motivates, inspires, and excites you to go for GOLD!


Develop the interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills and disciplines that allow you to perform at your very best throughout the whole interview process


Coach and support you to help you stay focussed, accountable, and energised whilst making better decisions that help you reach your goals in less time.


All this development and learning will also help you in any future role that you secure. You will learn essential and advanced professional skills that enable you to thrive in any environment you choose to be in.


To get you started, there are 4 preliminary exercises you can do right now to help you understand the type of work involved in this programme  and kick start your success in your search for a new role.