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Meet The Team

The EMR Consulting Team are a collective of professional executive coaches who are driven to develop individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

Our mission is to inspire and guide individuals towards realising their true capabilities and becoming the best version of themselves. 

Doug Chapman 1.jpeg

Doug has over 20 years of experience in professional learning and development and consultancy.


He has held senior positions in operational management, sales, and strategic learning and development working in diverse sectors, such as transportation (cruise ships and train operating companies), engineering and leisure retail and has worked with a broad range of clients in the leisure retail, transportation, automotive, engineering, and social housing sectors, as well as public sector organisations. He has designed and delivered leadership and interpersonal programmes with businesses working in those arenas.


Focusing primarily on leadership and interpersonal skills, Doug has worked with employees at all levels, including the development of bespoke graduate training programmes for businesses, empowering them to learn the skills needed to succeed in their careers and developing the talent of the future.  

He is fluent in several languages including English, French and Spanish and is able to deliver training to a wide range of participants.

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