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Speaker & Pod Cast Engagements

As an Executive Leadership Coach, founder of EMR Consulting Ltd., and host of the Business Brunch, Sarah is on a mission to inspire, empower and develop leaders and business owners to create highly fulfilling, high performance cultures that are underpinned by a culture of respect and dignity for all.


Sarah has worked with and supported over 500 leaders, teams and entrepreneurs helping them develop the mindset and skills required to achieve outstanding results like growing company value from £5 to £30 Million, taking control of Imposter Syndrome, exceeding onboarding expectations and increasing monthly revenues by 250%. Sarah’s book ‘Leader Unleashed’ - become one of the most highly valued members of the executive team in your first 90 days, will be available to purchase on 28th March 2023.

To book Sarah to speak at your next event or on your podcast, please get in touch.

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Areas of Expertise



Conquering Imposter Syndrome

Leadership Superpowers


Exceed Onboarding Expectations



How Change Impacts Behaviour


Creating fulfilling, high performance cultures

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“Sarah’s presentation was insightful and captured the audience’s attention. She was adept at gaining a connection, thorough in her research and a professional, engaging and adaptable speaker”.

Andrew White, Fire Engineer & Managing Director, AW Fire

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If you'd like to discuss your speaker opportunity with me, please get in touch.

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