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Coaching Discovery Action Session

For Senior Leaders & Business Owners


I'm delighted you are interested in learning more about professional and personal development and specifically how coaching can help you get 'out of your own way' of even more success. Simply by choosing to investigate this further, you could be making the first step that will lead to positive life changing results. If the mere thought of this excites you then I really would love to talk to you. During your no obligation, complimentary coaching action session, we will discuss: ➡ Your ‘current’ situation (what you love, what’s not so great, what’s missing). ➡ Your ‘desired’ situation (don’t worry if you don’t what that is yet). ➡ What's blocking you (self, others, situations, skills). I will also share at least one piece of feedback or perspective that will help you do ‘better’ right now. All I ask is you check these following statements are true for you before you book in: 1. Are you a Board Member, Director, HOD, 2nd Line Leader or Business Owner? 2. Do you feel you have more to offer the world and want to ‘grow’? 3. Are you open to feedback and 100% honesty with huge doses of empathy and fun? 4. Are you ready to have more fulfilment & more success? If you've answered "Yes", then get booked in. I can’t wait to meet you and see what is possible in your life. Sarah

Cancellation Policy

Applicable to all coaching programmes. Terms and Conditions: • Please refer to Training Course Programme information for the terms and conditions specific to course payments. • For all 1:1 Coaching, payment is required within 14 days of invoice unless you have chosen to pay upfront using the pre-booking service on the website. • 1:1 Coaching dates are booked in advance. If you can no longer make the date agreed please provide at least 48 hours notice to receive a full refund or request an alternative date and time. • Any cancellations received within 48 hours of your appointment will be charged at the full rate, unless this is due to reasons beyond your control. • Monthly support payments are paid upfront. • Full or partial refunds will not be given if you have committed to a programme and can no longer attend or miss pre-planned sessions.

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