What is SPAM?

1. Really annoying time consuming rubbish that fills up your inbox. Done by awful people who have nothing better to do than push their 'wares'. Leaves you feeling irritated and maybe even cause you to rant about it on social media?

OR, time for a REFRAME?

2. Hard working normal people trying to earn a living by helping some of us solve problems we might be having?

Ok, some of the stuff we receive is so 'off' with what we might need and maybe the sender hasn't done their homework, maybe they don't know how to find the right target group yet, maybe they are being made to do it by their organisation who just hasn't caught on yet that slinging mud at walls is SO last century.

Whatever the reason is, we make judgments on these people which may not be kind or fair. We have choices, simply delete, politely respond 'no thank you' or maybe go one step further and offer some insight on why you aren't interested - maybe you could help them do better?

Over the last few weeks I have been flooded with product and service offerings and have been so grateful to be able to attend several webinars and training sessions that have been put under my nose (SPAM?). I chose carefully & they have been enlightening, useful and inspirational.

Thank you!


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