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Conflicting advise is being given to job seekers right now

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I'm amazed at how much conflicting advise is being given to job seekers right now and something has become apparent.

Looking for a new role or career is exhausting, scary and daunting, especially in this crowded unprecedented market place.

Clear helpful and correct advice is vital. There's a lot out there and much of it is brilliant.

What has struck me after hours of research and understanding of human behaviour, there is something missing from all this info.

It's not more skills or tools to help you strike it lucky.

It's about YOU and how YOU can INFLUENCE the recruiting decision making process using a combination of behaviours which are based on self belief and an understanding of what you really in want in life.

Ask yourself this and share your thoughts on:

1.Does this sound interesting to you? Yes or No?

2. What is your biggest concern with regards to job searching?

#jobsearch #recruitment #behaviours

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