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Interview Success Accelerator
Preliminary Exercises

Job seeking can feel stressful , disempowering and daunting for the majority of us. To help make job seeking faster, less stressful and more within your control, I developed the Advanced Interview Success (AIS) program which helps my clients Get Hired (faster) & Stay Hired (longer).


It consists of a unique combination of professional development skills, coaching, support, and skills training proven to help leaders like you, secure their next role faster, even in unprecedented times.

I have been using this program with 1:1 clients and in group coaching programs now for over 3 years with incredible results. Clients are getting multiple job offers in as little as 4 weeks and this could be your reality to! If you have been job seeking for a few months and are not getting the results you want, or you are just starting the process and want to be ahead of the game, then this program is for you.


There are many highly qualified, great professionals on the market right now. You are the differentiator - your ability to convey your message to build trust and positively influence the outcome is what will give you the edge over your competition.

The 4 preliminary exercises will give you a head start when job seeking and give you a sneak peak into what to expect from the full program.. Please make sure you complete all 4 exercises - your insights from these will be used in future coaching sessions if you wish to work with me.




Get Hired:Stay Hired 


The Advanced Interview Skills program for job seekers who want more control over their success throughout

the whole interview process and onboarding period.

During this program which is currently available 1:1 or for small groups (the full on line, self-led version will be available by September 2023), you will:


Identify what’s really ‘blocking’ you from securing your ideal role sooner.


Create a ‘laser focussed’ vision of the future that empowers, motivates, inspires, and excites you to go for what you really want and deserve!


Develop the ability to confidently and effectively, influence with impact and  perform at your very best throughout the whole interview process


Receive powerful coaching and support you to help you stay focussed, accountable, and energised whilst making better decisions that help you reach your goals in less time.


All of the above will help you stand out in any future role that you secure. You will learn essential and advanced professional skills that enable you to thrive in any environment you choose to be in meaning you will thrive during your onboarding period and beyond.


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