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Get Hired (Faster), Stay Hired (Longer)

The advanced interview skills program is for serious job seekers who want to stand out and have greater control over their interview success.

Program Overview

This program is for all professionals currently looking for new roles or considering a change in role soon.

During the Get Hired:Stay Hired Program you will develop the skills and tools that will give you the edge during the whole interview process and beyond. 


So, if you are ready to speed up the whole process and get the YES! you want in less time and with less stress, read on! 


Let’s face it, job seeking is not great fun, there is a wide range of fears, frustrations and concerns associated with it, especially when you’ve been made redundant. Things like:


Fear of rejection and not being as good as the competition


Frustration when you don’t even get a response to your application


Disappointment of getting to the last 2 and not being ‘The One’


Time wasted exploring roles, updating CV’s and application letters for jobs that don’t even exist


What if I don’t get a job for months and run out of money?


A feeling that you lack control over the situation


What if I say yes and it’s the wrong job after all?


What will people think of me if I don’t have a job?


It is stressful, and add a global recession to this, the fears and worries are heightened further.

What can you do to take control and have more success?


Being prepared and ready for an interview is essential. This includes all the must-haves like CV’s, covering letters, LinkedIn profile optimisation, networking etc. but what makes the real difference 

 is how you 'show up' before, during and post interview and help others trust you, like you and want to hire you.


Most people being accepted for an interview have the necessary job-related skills….the differentiator is you. How you positively influence the whole process in your favour is what gives my clients the edge in their interviews and ensures they get the job they want on their terms in less time…often with multiple offers to choose from.


Now, this skill is 100% driven by how you feel, think and consequently how you behave in and around an interview situation. This may seem like an intangible worth ignoring but what if it isn’t?


Feeling sceptical? Check out the results from the program so far.

Program Results:

The mindset and skills development covered in this program have led to:


Improved levels of confidence in all interview situations


Improve Likeability *strongly linked to trust*


Reduce time wasting


Reduce time unemployed


Avoiding being ‘last in, first out’


Improved levels of control over future success


Typical Outcomes

Clients that have been successful using this program have been able to:


Secure multiple job offers in a matter of weeks


Secure the right role, at the right level on their terms


Ask for and achieve the desired salary or day rate that reflects their value


Walk away from ‘opportunities’ and interviews mid-process when they are not right for them – saving time and energy for ones that are worth pursuing


Feel more confident and in control of the process and not ‘done to’


Treat all interviews as a meeting of minds where they are an ‘equal player’ in the game not on the back foot


Get the job they wanted and get a promotion in 6 weeks

Would you like to be able to achieve results like these too?


If you follow the process and use the skills, you can show up like rockstars (but without the ego) and help the right hiring managers have the confidence to hire you!


Doing you ‘better’, is what makes you stand out for all the right reasons and gets you the YES! you want faster than those you are competing against.

Why work with me?


I have been helping senior level professionals achieve their job seeking goals with great results over the last 3 years using a unique combination of skills and knowledge from my experience as an executive leadership coach, mindset mentor, and communication.


My upcoming book ‘LEADER UNLEASHED’ covers the knowledge and skills in the Get Hired (Faster), Stay Hired (Longer) program, and although it is written for senior leaders going back into work post redundancy or,  starting their first senior level role who are impacted the self-limiting beliefs attributed to an Imposter Syndrome mindset, the learnings from this are relevant to all leaders and professionals who want to be the best they can be in a variety of performance related situations.


Now the book is written, I have had time to create different ways to help more job seekers achieve the results they want to have in less time (which are also some of the key skills to ensure you stay hired longer), in a range of ways to suit all needs and pockets!


What is the Get Hired (Faster), Stay Hired (Longer) program and why is it different?


This is not your usual interview skills course; it goes above and beyond everything else out there in the market right now and allows you to feel confident, courageous and in control of the whole job seeking process, so you get the job you want and deserve on your terms, in less time….and keep it (if you want to).


Yes, you need to have a tip-top CV, a good Linked Profile – pretty easy as there are some outstanding coaches out there helping with that. However, that’s only one side of the coin covered.  You also need to be showing up as your best self, online, networking and of course, pre, during and post interviews.


It’s this that requires more than knowing about the STAR formula, a CV and a LinkedIn profile working for you….this needs you to have the confidence and advanced interview skills that make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


The clients I’ve worked with over the last 3 years who were looking for new roles all had one thing in common: the frustration with it taking so long, fear of failure, feeling like a fraud, fear of rejection, feeling embarrassed that they didn’t have a job and how this looked to others and running out of money.


It’s this type of thinking, feeling and then the resulting behaviour that was getting in their way of success. They were ‘leaking’ how they really felt and this turns hiring managers off.  They feel uncomfortable, and they won’t know why but this will be enough to decide they don’t like or trust you enough to give you the job.


I’ll explain more about why this happens and how during the program.


 Those that understand this and learn to manage it, get the right jobs faster than those that don’t.


If we only work on the actions we take whilst others work on the thing that drives those actions to be more effective (mindset), we are not going to be as effective as them. It’s a choice that you can make that will help or block your progress now and in the future.

What will I get from this program that helps me throughout my career?


Confidence (without the ego)


Self-awareness and improved emotional self-control


Advanced professional development skills


Courage to go for gold




Influencing skills


When you put all of this together and start to perform at your ‘peak’ throughout the whole interview process, you will be ‘THE ONE’ sooner and stay ‘THE ONE’ longer!


Please be aware, the work you will do on the AIS focuses on the behaviours and actions required to ensure that not only do you get hired faster but you stay hired longer.


Success is dependent on your willingness to learn, grow and put the learning into action.

Program Summary



This program consists of a unique blend of skills, tools and disciplines that will be introduced throughout the program.



I do not teach you how to write CV’s or present your LI profile. I will not direct you to a specific career. There are many Career and LI/CV writing coaches for that.



You will build clarity and confidence to lead yourself towards the right role for you, for the right reasons at the right time with great success.



The work you do with me develops and embeds a set of highly effective behaviours that are required for you to ‘shine’ pre, during and post interview and when onboarding into new roles.



You will feel empowered and in control so you can secure your next role faster.



The skills and tools learnt will help you avoid the pitfalls of interview and onboarding ‘failure’.



The only real differentiator in an interview process is how you do YOU!


It isn’t what you do (that’s the stuff that got you into the interview), it’s the way that you do it that gets results!


Bananarama new a thing or too….and if that means nothing to you, you are clearly much younger than me 😊



Ready to find out how to get your hands on the program and

get hired faster?

From enrolling on the program, you will:

Develop greater confidence and resilience


Know how to build high trust relationships & manage unconscious bias


Build trust fast by effectively communicating with anyone at any time


Handle objections and difficult questions with ease


Go for and get the jobs you deserve and really want on your terms


Each session will have an *emotionally intelligent 'developmental' focus and opportunities to be coached and learn from each other in the open group sessions.


*Emotional Intelligence is the most sort after set of behaviours in the workplace right now. (Good) hiring managers are looking for evidence of this in every interview!

Follow the link to register your interest. 


We will keep you updated of its release and other information that will help you.

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