EAGLE Development Program

Develop an Unshakeable Self-Belief

Without the Ego!

More Confidence > Better, Faster Decisions > Less Stress > Incredible Results

The Details

We are only as good as the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that underpin our actions. If we do not believe in ourselves and fully appreciate our value, every action we take & every decision we make could potentially be better and have resulted in improved outcomes.

This 12 week Development Program will take you through the life changing EAGLE 5-Step System that enables you to take control of your self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours associated with Imposter Syndrome.

This is for senior level professionals who are successful but know they are capable of more, who find themselves second guessing a little too often and it's getting in the way of what you want to have, say, do or be.


The impact of self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage behaviours? 

We hold ourselves back from what we really want and are capable of.


We play small and follow the crowd.

We take much longer to make decisions and worry more.

We choose to do things that are safe vs. right or necessary.

We close our doors to possibilities and limit our options.


We are less fulfilled and have less success than we want and deserve. 

We can get frustrated with ourselves and regret what we didn't do.

Now imagine a life without any of that getting in your way.

What would you be doing instead? 

In how many ways would life be better, happier, more fulfilling?

The EAGLE Development program consists of 6 modules.

During each module, you will learn about the 5 steps in the EAGLE system, receive coaching to remove your blocks to the future you really want, and plan for success so you are consistently moving onwards and upwards as a result of every session.


As you progress through this program you will understand yourself better than you have ever done before. With my help, you will bring your unconscious thoughts and action into the conscious mind to be able to assess them for what they really are. This will help you make better choices, in less time for the right reasons, more of the time. This helps you worry less, act faster and more authentically with better results.

You will have more confidence which will empower you to do whatever you decide you want in your career with less fear, more fun and the skills for life that you will need to make it your new reality for good.


Once you have learnt how to do this and choose to put it into practise, the things you really want and deserve will be possible and closer than you ever realised. Your door will be open and you will find an explosion of opportunities behind it!


Are you ready to have a life without (self) limits or regrets?

Want to know what to expect from me ?

Then watch my recent Masterclass - Taking control of Imposter Syndrome by clicking the link below.

Session Dates & Investment Required


The first cohort for the EAGLE Development Program commences on 4 May 2022


All sessions are on Wednesday’s from 1:45 – 3:30 PM UK Time to allow our US colleagues to take part.


All sessions will be recorded and shared with those who cannot make the session although we would highly recommend you block these sessions into your diary now to avoid any clashes.

The price for this program is a pre 'book launch' price of £1250 + VAT.

All future programs will be £2500 + VAT.


4 May | 11th May | 25th May | 8th June | 22nd June | 29 June

What's Included?


All participants will receive a signed copy of Sarah's upcoming book, due for release later this year.


Access to the closed Facebook EMR coaching group alumni, where you can meet similar-minded colleagues, ask for help and  receive support from Sarah and the community.


There will also be a WhatsApp group set up for each cohort, so you have another way to ask and receive help from your extended team.

Investment Required

The first cohort for this program commencing Wednesday 4 May 2022

The price for this program is a pre 'book launch' price of £1250 + VAT.

All future programs will be £2500 + VAT.

 For payment terms, please get in touch with Sarah.

This information will have been shared with you during your strategy or coaching discovery action session. If you have not had either of these yet then get in touch.

Class size:

Maximum participants 20

Please refer to individual Program information for the terms and conditions specific to the program.


Full or partial refunds will not be given if you have committed to a program and can no longer attend or miss pre-planned sessions.

If you'd like to discuss this program in more details contact Sarah HERE