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Welcome to EMR Consulting Ltd


The website is currently being updated but let me introduce myself and share a little on what we do at EMR Consulting Ltd, who with and how to get in touch.


My name is Sarah and I’m the founding director, a coach, mentor, facilitator and consultant. My passion lies in developing the leaders of today to create psychologically safe and inspiring environments where everyone can thrive.


I specialise in empowering my clients to build the self-awareness, confidence, leadership and business skills to achieve their true potential.

If you'd like to get in touch you can share your details with me here and I'll get back to you:

Who Are We

Who We Are

EMR Consulting Ltd was founded in October 2015. We are a Global Leadership Development organisation that works with C & D suite, leadership teams, emerging senior leaders and business owners in the following ways: 

1:1 Executive Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching 

Leadership Consulting

During all coaching programs, leadership development is provided as required on all aspects of leadership from emotional intelligence to coaching for improved performance and everything in-between.

To discuss any of the above please book your free Success Strategy Sessionand let’s explore what is possible for you or your organisation.

We also offer:


1. The EAGLE Program - online


This program is specifically for those who want to Take Control of Imposter Syndrome and for those wishing to further develop their self-confidence, and have greater self-awareness and emotional self-control.


It's open to professionals at all levels across all sectors.

If you would like to find out if you have Imposter Syndrome, take the quizIt takes under 2 minutes and you’ll get immediate results.


For more details on the EAGLE program, you can learn more here.


2. Seminars & Workshops on:

  • Unmasking Imposter Syndrome

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Coaching for Improved Performance

  • Building Confidence and resilience

  • Managing Change

  • Developing Psychological Safety

  • Communication Effectiveness, Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Building Trust

  • Developing Impact and Influence

  • Objection Handling

Please get in touch and talk to me about any of the above, book your free Success Strategy Session

and let’s explore what is possible for you or your organisation.


A little more detail...




I coach both individuals and teams remotely and face to face depending on location. Working globally with a focus on the UK, Europe and the USA supported by a team of exceptional coaches and trainers who work with EMR Consulting as associates.




I specialise in developing the 'right level' of confidence, emotional intelligence and leadership skills with C & D suite leaders, emerging senior leaders, and leadership teams. She also works with individuals who want to set up their own businesses, leave a toxic role and find new roles for those returning to work after time out.

I'm the best-selling author of LEADER UNLEASHED: How to become one of the most highly valued members of the executive team in your first 90 days.


My advice:


Coaching only works if you want to develop and learn how to be the most effective version of yourself that you can be. This requires a growth mindset and the willingness to trust your coach implicitly.


I strongly believe everyone would benefit from having a trusted advisor who sees what they cannot see, hears what they cannot hear and offers unwavering support, training and encouragement to achieve their dreams.


Get in touch now for your complimentary Success Strategy Session to learn how working with me or one of my team can help you or your organisation achieve the success you want and deserve 🚀

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